Mia Wallace – Disorder EP

Artist: Mia Wallace
Label: Morbidyne
Release Date: 30-12-2019
Genre: Techno

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1. Disorder
2. Momentary Slip
3. Disorder (Hiroko Yamamura Remix)
4. Disorder (Vesy Remix)
5. Silence

About Album

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Already supported by Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Fur Coat, Claude Von Stroke, Camea, Junior Sanchez, Demuir, Hearthtrob, Magda, Hyperactive, Sofia Saze, Gorgon City, Sonic Union & many more.

Mia Wallace returns with their latest EP, Disorder.
After a three-year pause due to a catastrophic accident that lead to the passing of someone very close to the group, this release embodies the emotional, mental and physical trauma that life-changing events of this magnitude can leave behind. It is a direct and honest connection to the darker side of humanity, which can be experienced all throughout the release. From the underlining emotional themes of the tracks down to the very sounds used in the recordings which were directly sampled from the heart monitors, ventilators and other sources that Mia Wallace was surrounded by for the last two years.
Disorder kicks off with the title track, which is an eight-minute journey in and out of obscure affliction itself. Driven by a firm rhythm section coupled by an eerie polyrhythmic melody, the track progresses with haunting theatrics showcasing sharp, spoken vocals and cavernous hypnotic pads. Prepare yourself to travel through a dystopian soundscape which strives to penetrate your psyche every step of the way.
The second cut, ‘Momentary Slip’ is a true research into unsettling soundscapes revolving around an unnerving, yet thrilling peak. Presenting sundry musical diversions all along the way, the track transforms the listener into a mechanical environment without being underlined by the typical sounds, which usually flood this mechanically driven feel. Transforming vocals and a dark dramatic break, make this track a true crossing into the other world.
The final cut, ‘Silence’ is a subterranean ambient composition with a profound evolving melody. It transports you through a tense excursion driven by the foggy and barren experience of emptiness. The lack of percussion allows the melodic components and emotional resolution to envelop you while progressing your senses through a delicate yet hauntingly driven tour.
Lastly, the EP is topped off by two masterful remixes of the title track Disorder.
The first crafted by Hiroko Yamamura, delivers a driving, percussive and more galloping, “dark-horse” point of view. Amassing itself as a proper banger perfect for peak time, the remix keeps true to the original’s undertones while escalating it via innovative percussive vivacity. A skillful contrast to the original, it demonstrates a completely different side of this emotional piece of work.
Finally, we find Vesy’s shadowy remix. Morbidyne’s label boss steps into the drivers seat by providing a more contemplative, deep perspective on the original cut. Driven by a pulsating bass line, spectral percussive stabs and a heavy lingering reverberation on the vocals, this mystic remix truly completes the spectrum of this passionate release.
Most of all, this is a tribute to the life that has been lost and to the uncompromising hardships that are left behind in the aftermath of such tragic events.

  • Disorder
    Mia Wallace, Hiroko Yamamura, Vesy
    Melodic House & Techno, Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
    MBDYN002 | Morbidyne | 2019-12-16 | Buy
  • Systemic Recurrence 04
    Roel Salemink, DJ 3000, Gabi 2B, Denney, Matthias Springer, Arnaud Le Texier, Lenny Dee, Christian Scott, Suna Path, Mia Wallace, D2B, Antwon Faulkner, Tom Davies, Robert Hood, Yousef, Brendon Moeller, Dan Curtin
    Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House
    BDR123 | Bulletdodge | 2018-08-20 | Buy
  • Pakito Baeza & Friends Vol. II
    Pakito Baeza, Pruess, Ricci Ferdinand, Miguel Pose, Mia Wallace, Ángel Corbi
    192562594377 | Deep Bass Records | 2018-06-01 | Buy
  • My Obscure Discoveries, Vol. 2
    Marcus Gehring, Leano, Neighbour, Mr. Statik, Gavin Herlihy, Sek, Paul Hardy, My Boy Elroy, Inxec, LetKolben, Danton Eeprom, Orson Bramley, Weltenwandler, Luca Doria, Dif Germany, Lotche, Farbschema, Foog, Fabian Jakopetz, Milex, Remcord, Alexander Robotnick, No Accident In Paradise, Adapter, Taron-Trekka, Miles Maeda, Mia Wallace, Aiden, Philo, Matthias B., Lowtec
    Tech House, Techno, Deep House, House, Electronica / Downtempo, Minimal / Deep Tech
    BRLNSPRT011 | BRLN SPRT | 2018-03-16 | Buy
  • One
    Flatless, Mia Wallace, Andrew C., Barbur
    Deep House, Techno, Tech House
    DFL005 | DFM Limited | 2018-03-05 | Buy
  • Move, Pt. 2
    Johnny D, Carlos Sanchez, Smalltown Collective, Kiiroy, Alejandro Romero, Mark D FunKtion, Archila, Mia Wallace, Deborah De Luca, Anna V., D-Vibe (GR), Manipolato, Avikal, Maurizio (Italy), Tomasso, Ben Teufel, Felix Sanchez, Cele, Daniel Meister, Asem Shama, Stefano Libelle, Loquace, Frink, Tripio X, Ricky Leo, Daniele Casa
    Tech House, Deep House, House, Techno
    MMD02 | Move Music | 2017-08-07 | Buy
  • The Brood Remixed
    Andy Slate, Gareth Whitehead, Mash, Adamski, Werner Niedermeier, Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, X-Press 2, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Raymond (UK), Lindsay Green, Kendal Baird, Inxec, Mia Wallace, Sqyre, Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Michael Greig, Ben Long, Carl Cox, Steve Ward, P-ben, Tom Taylor, Darren Emerson, Paris The Black FU, My Evil Twiin, Suna Path, Swayzak, Old, Main Ingredient, Nickelle, Plaid, Radioactive Man, Silicon Scally, Colin Dale, Detroit's Filthiest, 808 State, Alex Smoke, Joey Beltram, Christian Schwarz, Chemical Play, Phil Hartnoll, Rob Gritton
    Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, House
    BDRTB07 | Bulletdodge | 2017-07-03 | Buy
  • Track the Track, Vol. 3
    Wayne Madiedo, Andy Lupoli, Eric Kanzler, TK Anderson, Tebah, Dr. Funkenstein, Sarp Yilmaz, Asli Cavusoglu, ElectronMike, Pra Jescu, My Boy Elroy, Ladies On Mars, Matas Balta, Jey Kurmis, Ben Tax, Eggbox, Gaetano Inglese, Rich Forever, Kico Villa, Kemp&Thompson, Chris Colt, Abcer, Monsters At Work, El Sam, Andre Gazolla, Damir Blazinic, Mia Wallace, Enoc V, Keskem
    Tech House
    HPFLTD801 | High Pro-File Recordings | 2017-05-05 | Buy
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    Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Deep House
    POOL043 | The Pool House | 2017-02-27 | Buy
  • Organica #36
    Martin Eyerer, Smash TV, Harvey, Hunzed, Miguel Bastida, Nick Curly, Gruuve, Namito, Jonny Cruz, Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov, Kreisel, Jesus Galan, Eelke Kleijn, Whitesquare, R-Gaff, Szkatulski, Kosmalski, Mia Wallace, Pablo Rez, Ralfus, Funk D'Void, Citizenn, Moving Cities
    Tech House, Techno, Deep House
    VMCOMP030 | Variety Music | 2017-02-02 | Buy
  • New Sounds Of Chicago
    Happyghost, Jimmy Luna, Hiroko Yamamura, Jason Patrick, Rex Sepulveda, Mia Wallace, Max Jacobson, R-Gaff, My Boy Elroy, Tunnel
    Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo
    AR025 | Apulia Records | 2017-01-09 | Buy
  • Radast
    Mia Wallace, Luca Doobie, Tripio X, Ricky Leo, Vesy, Jason Patrick
    Techno, Tech House
    SPCB013 | SPADES | 2016-10-31 | Buy
  • Resolution
    Bisharat, jAi:aTo, Mia Wallace
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno
    POOL035 | The Pool House | 2016-07-18 | Buy
  • Sworn
    Mia Wallace, Mr.C, Corbin Davis
    KGB043 | KGBeats Records | 2016-05-25 | Buy
  • Love or Fear
    My Boy Elroy, Jay Tripwire, DIRTYCLEAN, Hexes, Mia Wallace
    Tech House
    PPR015 | Pet Project Recordings | 2016-05-23 | Buy
  • Breaker
    Apsara, Yakine, Mia Wallace
    Deep House
    AR024 | Apulia Records | 2015-11-02 | Buy
  • The Brood Remixes Part1
    Lee Pennington, Gareth Whitehead, Mia Wallace, Sqyre, DJ Alfredo, The Revenge, Mash, Andy Slate, Jan Cree
    Tech House, Deep House
    BDRTB05 | Bulletdodge | 2015-11-02 | Buy
  • The Brood (Traktor Remix Sets)
    Gareth Whitehead, Tom Taylor, Mia Wallace, Sqyre, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Raymond (UK), Lindsay Green, Kendal Baird, Eddie Fowlkes, Darren Emerson, Paris The Black FU, My Evil Twiin, Michael Greig, Lenny Dee, Frankie Bones (UK), Carl Cox, Steve Ward, P-ben
    Deep House, Techno, Tech House
    BDRTB04TRS | Bulletdodge | 2015-08-24 | Buy
  • The Brood
    Gareth Whitehead, Tom Taylor, Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson, Mash, Inxec, Mia Wallace, Sqyre, X-Press 2, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Raymond (UK), Lindsay Green, Kendal Baird, Andy Slate, Eddie Fowlkes, Darren Emerson, Paris The Black FU, My Evil Twiin, Michael Greig, Ben Long, Lenny Dee, Frankie Bones (UK), Carl Cox, Steve Ward, P-ben, Adamski, Werner Niedermeier
    Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Breaks
    BDRTB04 | Bulletdodge | 2015-06-29 | Buy
  • Swamp People
    YOS, Dean Cohen, Mia Wallace, ADMN, Soul Mob
    Tech House
    SLUR012 | Slur | 2015-05-22 | Buy
  • No Worries
    Werner Niedermeier, Mia Wallace
    Deep House
    AYK014 | Ayeko Records | 2015-03-30 | Buy
  • Temptress EP
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    Deep House, Tech House
    AR019 | Apulia Records | 2014-12-15 | Buy
  • Re:Face Session Twenty
    Jochen Pash, Josha, Reelow, Collective Machine, Mia Wallace, Tainted Souls, SKMK, STUFF, Mr Costy, Velguin Yamato, N.a.n.d.o., Mazu, Selvy, Baunzz!, Bastian, Dilby, Marc Faenger, Bukalemun, Darkrow, JammHot
    Deep House, Tech House
    VOLTCOMP221 | Voltaire Music | 2014-11-28 | Buy
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    Mia Wallace, Matthew Burton, Martin Dacar, Flatless
    Tech House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
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  • I'm The Man
    Mia Wallace, My Boy Elroy, YOS
    Tech House, Deep House
    SLUR010 | Slur | 2014-06-30 | Buy
  • Estranged
    Mia Wallace, Flatless, Joseph Sylthe, K-Rad, My Boy Elroy
    Tech House
    JQMR014 | JQM Recordings | 2014-06-24 | Buy
  • One
    Flatless, Mia Wallace, Andrew C., Barbur
    Indie Dance
    DFM046 | DeadFunk Music | 2014-06-09 | Buy
  • Voltaire Music Pres. The Moscow Diary
    R-Tem, Mia Wallace, My Boy Elroy, Manuel Moreno, Thierry Tomas, Sergey Sanchez, Seff, Sidney Charles, Collective Machine, Sasch BBC, Caspar, Alex Piccini, Marka T, Gauthier DM, Derek Marin, Gabriel Ananda, Alice Rose, Asaga Vox, Julien Sandre, Normen Hood, S.K.A.M., einsauszwei, Adultnapper, Pitto
    Tech House, Deep House
    VOLTCOMP133 | Voltaire Music | 2014-03-07 | Buy
  • Re:Face Session Twelve
    Boghosian & Torquato, Mia Wallace, Felyx, Mobius Strum & William Umana, Kizt, Jack Steinel, Krizz Luco, Matthias Meyer, Kitt Zenga, Felix Cage, Alex Grandy, iHaus, Spencer K, Matt Sassari, NY Fan, Beatamines, Bouberg Wilson, Saso Recyd, Mikel & Toni Rios
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    VOLTCOMP127 | Voltaire Music | 2014-02-21 | Buy
  • Compilation Volume 8
    Al Bradley, Alex Sender, Andy Slate, Carl Shawn, Chemical Play, Moog Conspiracy, D2B, Deebugg, Endless, Jamie Haus, Lee Pennington, Lenny Dee, DiCristino, Mia Wallace, Warner Powers, Michael Paterson, Outmode, P-ben, Seis Drum, Solofour, Soul Camp, Tim Engelhardt, Tom Davies, Tom Taylor Remix
    Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
    BDR068 | Bulletdodge | 2013-12-02 | Buy
  • I Can Show You This
    Mia Wallace, My Boy Elroy, Julien Sandre, M.A.M., Primarie, Emanuele Esposito
    Deep House, Tech House
    AR011 | Apulia Records | 2013-09-30 | Buy
  • Compilation Volume 7
    Bageera, Brian Busto, Chris Mitchell, David Coates, David Moran, Deebugg, Gareth Whitehead, Damarii, Greg Gow, Hedprefekt, Jan Cree, Luis Martinez (US), Mia Wallace, My Boy Elroy, Rose Tinted, Sean Deason, Alodine, Tony Puccio, Lyndon Uy, Wardy, Wez Saunders, Wigwam
    Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, Techno, House, Deep House
    BDR063 | Bulletdodge | 2013-07-01 | Buy
  • Mia Wallace - Framework Remixes
    Gareth Whitehead, Mia Wallace, Seftmeista, Korablove, Werner Niedermeier, The String Brothers
    Deep House
    KGB032 | KGBeats Records | 2013-02-12 | Buy
  • Ground Under
    Werner Niedermeier, Audio Junkies, Luis Martinez (US), Moog Conspiracy, Mia Wallace
    BDR053 | Bulletdodge | 2012-12-17 | Buy
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