Mia Wallace – Disorder EP

Artist: Mia Wallace
Label: Morbidyne
Release Date: 30-12-2019
Genre: Techno

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Already supported by Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Fur Coat, Claude Von Stroke, Camea, Junior Sanchez, Demuir, Hearthtrob, Magda, Hyperactive, Sofia Saze, Gorgon City, Sonic Union & many more.

Mia Wallace returns with their latest EP, Disorder.
After a three-year pause due to a catastrophic accident that lead to the passing of someone very close to the group, this release embodies the emotional, mental and physical trauma that life-changing events of this magnitude can leave behind. It is a direct and honest connection to the darker side of humanity, which can be experienced all throughout the release. From the underlining emotional themes of the tracks down to the very sounds used in the recordings which were directly sampled from the heart monitors, ventilators and other sources that Mia Wallace was surrounded by for the last two years.
Disorder kicks off with the title track, which is an eight-minute journey in and out of obscure affliction itself. Driven by a firm rhythm section coupled by an eerie polyrhythmic melody, the track progresses with haunting theatrics showcasing sharp, spoken vocals and cavernous hypnotic pads. Prepare yourself to travel through a dystopian soundscape which strives to penetrate your psyche every step of the way.
The second cut, ‘Momentary Slip’ is a true research into unsettling soundscapes revolving around an unnerving, yet thrilling peak. Presenting sundry musical diversions all along the way, the track transforms the listener into a mechanical environment without being underlined by the typical sounds, which usually flood this mechanically driven feel. Transforming vocals and a dark dramatic break, make this track a true crossing into the other world.
The final cut, ‘Silence’ is a subterranean ambient composition with a profound evolving melody. It transports you through a tense excursion driven by the foggy and barren experience of emptiness. The lack of percussion allows the melodic components and emotional resolution to envelop you while progressing your senses through a delicate yet hauntingly driven tour.
Lastly, the EP is topped off by two masterful remixes of the title track Disorder.
The first crafted by Hiroko Yamamura, delivers a driving, percussive and more galloping, “dark-horse” point of view. Amassing itself as a proper banger perfect for peak time, the remix keeps true to the original’s undertones while escalating it via innovative percussive vivacity. A skillful contrast to the original, it demonstrates a completely different side of this emotional piece of work.
Finally, we find Vesy’s shadowy remix. Morbidyne’s label boss steps into the drivers seat by providing a more contemplative, deep perspective on the original cut. Driven by a pulsating bass line, spectral percussive stabs and a heavy lingering reverberation on the vocals, this mystic remix truly completes the spectrum of this passionate release.
Most of all, this is a tribute to the life that has been lost and to the uncompromising hardships that are left behind in the aftermath of such tragic events.